About Lucini

All you need to know about Lucini is in the name. Lucini Leather shoes, Leather wallets, Handbags, Laptop Bags and Belts are made from the highest quality Italian leather. The philosophy of Lucini is that the great products can’t be made without great raw materials. As a result, we give lot of care and attention into sourcing the finest grade hides for our leather goods and footwear. The focus on the quality means that great design and craftsmanship is taken care of. Lucini products will last you for years. You can count on that!!

Lucini design team creates simple, classic designs that are effortlessly stylish as well as practical and functional. This pared down style lets the quality of Lucini shoes and accessories speak for itself. The soft touch or hand feel is considered in every piece.

Formed in 1994 and now based in Wembley, we continue to make all of our products by hand in our workshop in Milan, Italy. We seasonally introduce new colours and designs to add choice to our customers, to keep up with current trends and to add fun, individuality and colour to our collection. You can rest assured we will never compromise on the leather or the workmanship, as this we feel, sets us apart.

Quality Where it Matters

Our belts are the genuine article. They are not mass made, but handmade here in the UK from the finest full grain leather, using traditional tools & methods. We make belts that hold up over time. We make belts for life.


Unit 4-11, Wembley Commercial Centre
East Lane, North Wembley HA9 7UR

Phone: 07580619813
Email: info@luciniitaliano.com